Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Look Who's Happy! Happy Wraps - Product Review

Today we've got another Look Who's Happy! treat review for you- this time of their new Happy Wraps.
Image courtesy of Look Who's Happy!

Happy Wraps are slices of sweet potato or carrot
hand-wrapped in thin chicken or turkey strips. The veggie is dry-roasted and the meat has a jerky consistency.

Happy Wraps, like the other products in the Look Who's Happy! line are:

- made in the USA
- free of by-products, added hormones, and artificial
   preservatives, flavors or colors
- grain and gluten free
- made with USDA-inspected, cage-free whole      
   muscle meat

We tried the sweet potato with turkey and sweet potato with chicken recipes.

In one pouch, all of the treats had big, flat sweet potato slices, and in the other pouch, they were all shaped like sweet potato fries. I think it's just the luck of the draw. They are packaged by weight, so pouches with larger slices will contain fewer individual treats. When given the option, Chewy reached for the bigger slices first because he LOVES to eat, and bigger is always better in his book.

Happily going in for the chomp

They smell pretty great to the doggie (and human) nose:


And are chops-lickin' good, too!


Chewy is very pleased with these Happy Wraps. I'm sure he appreciates the two-for-one taste in each bite, as well as the crunch factor from the jerky and the chewiness of the sweet potato. After all, Chewy loves to chew!

Happy face of treat anticipation

I don't even care that I'm being burrito-d by this picnic blanket cuz I've got my treats! 

While these are great for those, "You're so cute! Let me give you a treat!" moments (they happen pretty often at our house), they would not be my go-to treat for training Chewy or for bringing on walkies. They are not the most portable treats because of their large-ish size, though you could certainly fit one or two in your pocket. Also, they are not very easy to break into smaller pieces because the veggie portion tends to be pliable and the meat portion is really caked on there and hard.

We give Look Who's Happy! Happy Wraps 3 1/2 paws up.

Disclaimer: We were provided with one bag each of Look Who's Happy! Happy Wraps sweet potato with turkey, and sweet potato with chicken, for review purposes. We did not receive any monetary compensation for this post. The opinions expressed above are our own.

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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Meet the Flock

We recently got 6 baby chicks from My Pet Chicken, a hatchery and chicken supply retailer. Newly hatched baby chicks can be mailed across the country because the nutrients they absorbed in the egg can sustain them for up to 3 days.

Note: Some of these photos have a red glow from the heat lamp I use to keep the chicks warm.

The chicks were 2 days old when they arrived, and they were tiny little fluffballs! They had teeny little feathers at the tips of their wings.

All piled into the food dish

2 days old

At first, Chewy was innocently curious about the little cheepers. He sniffed their box and walked around watching them.

But after a few minutes of that, he realized that he could probably eat them! There are no pictures of that revelation because I was too busy making sure he didn't jump in there. So now, Chewy has to be on a leash or manually held back whenever he's near the chicks.

Baby chicks grow super fast. Perhaps much faster than puppies! Soon, they grew little tail feathers and more wing feathers:

1 week old

And they were very mischievous. They kept knocking over their food bottle, so I taped it to the box. Then, they decided to sit on that tape...

If I fits, I sits!

Wednesday, May 6, 2015