Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Eazee by Foolee, Click & Brush Deshedding Tool - Product Review

The #1 complaint people tend to have about golden retrievers is the shedding - the tumblefurs around the house, the constant need for a lint roller, the rogue dog hairs that end up in your mouth. While I think their loving, playful demeanor and cuteness more than make up for the presence of dog hair on everything I own (or don't own), others might not think so. That's where shed control measures come in, including deshedding tools. We have tried a lot of grooming tools designed for removing dead hair, but never found one that worked well for Chewy. But now there is the Eazee deshedding tool made by Foolee, and it works for us!

Eazee by Foolee range of colors (image provided by Matrix Partners)

The Eazee deshedding tool is available in a variety of bright, happy colors, and in small, medium and large sizes. It comes with two interchangeable and reversible plastic combs - one for daily grooming (white) and the other for intense grooming (black). Each comb has smooth, rounded teeth with one side for thick hair and the other for thin hair. The comb is retractable so it can be adjusted for short or long hair, and fully retracts to easily dehair the brush. With so many adjustable elements, it can be used on a wide variety of fur types.

The product packaging makes a lot of claims (safer, gentler, easier to use, more effective, won't scratch skin or pull live hair), and they all seem to hold true! I have run the brush along my own arm, and it does not scratch or leave marks. ✔

Chewy is the type of dog that does NOT enjoy being groomed, and typically puts up a fight when it's time to get a bath, nail trim, or brushed. But he is actually cooperative about 90% of the time when I use the Eazee brush! It does seem to be more comfortable for him than other brushes we have used, and he doesn't run away and hide!

How Chewy feels about being groomed: Pfbt!

For Chewy, the Eazee works best on the "thick" settings. Chewy is a "shed a little every day" kind of Golden instead of the "blow coat once a year" kind, so we never achieve that dramatic second dog made of brushed hair. But, we do get a decent-sized blob of hair, especially if it's been awhile since he was last brushed.

Day 1: Intense brushing comb

Day 2: Daily brushing comb
Day 3+: laziness/forgetfulness kicks in and no more brushing...

The results are definitely noticeable to me, as Chewy's coat feels thinner and only a couple of hairs fly off his body when he shakes. ✔

I like the versatility of the Eazee brush. I can use it on the short setting on Chewy's head where the hairs are shorter, and the long setting for everywhere else.

While the product claims to have anti-static properties, I sometimes still get some static cling. However, I think there is less static when I actually utilize the ejector function, instead of pulling the collected hair off by hand. Regardless, bringing the brushing session outside makes the floating or clingy hairs more tolerable.

Brushing outside

The one real down side is that if the dog's hair is tangled or matted, the Eazee brush yanks instead of detangling. Chewy's long tail hairs often get a little tangled, so I have to go in with my fingers or a comb to gently detangle the hair before brushing.

Overall, Chewy and I really like the Eazee by Foolee, as it works for our needs. It is gentle, yet effective. Hooray!

Disclaimer: We received a free Eazee by Foolee Click & Brush Deshedding Tool from Matrix Partners in exchange for an honest review. We received no monetary compensation for this post, and all opinions expressed above are our own.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

More is Better

Chewy is definitely of the "more is better" school of thought. More food, more treats, more car rides, more petting, and MORE TOYS!

Two toys are more fun when playing tug...

Two squeaky tennis balls is better than one, and three tennis balls is even better:

A content Chewy with two squeaky carrots:


So far, I think Chewy has maxed out at carrying two toys at a time. If he sees a third toy that he wants, he'll drop one or two before trying to get the new one. Whenever he manages to get two toys in his mouth, he gleefully runs to his bed or the couch with his loot! 

Chewy usually doesn't mind sharing, but he sometimes lies on his toys as if to claim them all:

Same pose, little Chewy:

It all started early on!

Monday, July 17, 2017

Barkworthies Canine Superfoods Jerky: Product Review

Barkworthies is one of our favorite brands because of their commitment to using natural, high quality and wholesome ingredients in their products, as well as their strive for innovation in the world of dog treats. They have just launched a new line of Superfood Jerky treats, combining the powers of superfoods with real meat to make a highly digestible, grain-free and gluten-free jerky treat. We are always looking for natural, healthy dog foods so that Chewy can live a long and healthy life, so we were excited to try these!

We received the Chicken Jerky with Cranberry & Blueberry recipe, but there are other recipes with various combos of meats and superfoods.

Barkworthies Canine Superfoods Chicken Jerky - So excited! *licks chops*
The packaging has an easy-pull tab for quick, hassle-free access to TREATS! No more searching for scissors or crooked edges.

Please feed me now?
The jerky comes in large, cutlet-shaped pieces about 5" long. It is the extruded kind of jerky, with all the ingredients mixed in. Personally, I prefer the kind of jerky that is made from meat strips and looks more natural, but Chewy does not care at all. If it smells like meat and tastes like meat, he is pleased! On the plus side, since all the other ingredients are mixed into the meat, you don't end up with sticky residue on your fingers from any flavor coatings.

Chewy could not wait to try the treats, and A LOT of drool was produced during the wait. 

Let me have it!
The jerky seems very chewy, as it took longer than usual for Chewy to work through it (compared to similarly sized jerky treats).

*chew chew chew*

That was delicious!

Can I have some more?
Chewy and Chewy's human approved!

Four paws up from Chewy!

Disclaimer: We received a free bag of Barkworthies Canine Superfoods Chicken Jerky with Cranberry & Blueberry from Matrix Partners in exchange for an honest review. We did not receive any monetary compensation for our post, and all opinions shared above are our own.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Headrests for Chewy

In addition to Chewy's knack for using anything as a bed, he can also find a suitable headrest anywhere!

Toys are the most common things that Chewy uses as pillows. After he is done squeaking/chewing/ playing, he just plops his head right on top for a quick, comfy snooze.

He also likes to use his beds as headrests while he lies on the floor (tile is cool).

The couch armrests are the perfect height for lounging.

Couch + stuffie = ultra comfy

 He can prop his head on the baseboards...

Even a tiny corner between doorways can support a Chewy head.

A bar stool footrest is good, too.

Chewy is just a pro at getting comfy!

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Earthborn Holistic EarthBites - chewy.com Product Review

This month, we tried Earthborn Holistic EarthBites from chewy.com. EarthBites are moist dog treats made with natural ingredients, and they are grain-free and gluten-free.

Earthborn Holistic EarthBites
We got the peanut flavor, and the ingredients include peanuts (first ingredient), veggies, fruits, and vitamins and minerals. The treats also contain Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids for healthy skin and coat, which is always a nice bonus.

They also contain cane molasses, honey and maple syrup, which seems like an excessive use of sweeteners to me. Plus, the sugars are pretty high up on the list of ingredients (#3: cane molasses, #7: honey, #8: maple syrup). For a brand claiming to be all about healthy dog food, this seems a bit unhealthy. They probably taste like candy!

The treats are shaped like tiny little logs, like the pellets that you feed farm animals...but these are soft and moist. I think they smell a little weird, but Chewy seems to like the scent. Each treat is about an inch long, so I would break them apart if using as a training treat.

Chewy gobbled the treats right up, so he sure loves the taste! I bet all those sugars helped with that, though.

For me?


While Chewy loved these treats, I did not love the fact that they contain so many added sweeteners. I will be feeding him the rest of the bag sparingly. Nevertheless, I do appreciate Earthborn's commitment to using natural ingredients in their products.

Disclaimer: We received a free bag of Earthborn Holistic EarthBites Dog Treats in Peanut Flavor from chewy.com for review purposes as part of the chewy.com Blogger Program. We did not receive any monetary compensation for this post, and all opinions shared above are our own.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Everything is a Bed for Chewy


Sorry the blog has been so inactive lately. Chewy and I have been busy...and lazy...but we are back! Chewy turned FIVE years old last month. His face is getting whiter, with some sporadic old man hairs that are longer than the rest. But he is still just as happy and energetic as before, and has been up to his usual silly shenanigans. Which brings us to today's topic: how Chewy views every flat or cushioned thing as a bed. 

Chewy has a variety of dog beds scattered throughout our house, and he sure knows how to utilize them:

The Chewy bed in the living room- so comfy.
A smaller version in my bedroom

An elevated Coolaroo bed in the home office- it's like a dog-sized hammock,
and perfect for mid-day naps.

A Snoozzy crate pad that chewy.com accidentally sent us instead of the toy I ordered
(They let us keep it and also speedily sent us the toy. We love chewy.com!)

A bolstered cooling bed (Chewy was settling in before I even got a chance to unwrap it!)

This new bolster bed that hadn't been unpacked/decompressed yet.
Chewy's face: "Please open this for me"

Lying on dog bed filling while the cover was in the wash
Then there are people beds. Chewy doesn't usually get on the beds at home because they're quite high and require a running start, plus he doesn't like to be hot. But he'll test beds every now and then:

Resting at a vacation cabin with a mini-Chewy from L.L.Bean

My air mattress when we had an abundance of overnight guests
And couches! Chewy loves couches. This love-seat is his favorite:

Mats are good too:
Yoga mats: notice how he occupies both of them,
even though I meant to have one for me and one for him

Doormat (+ rainboots for snuggling)

Then there are the things that are not beds or cushions or mats, but when Chewy sees them on the floor, he pounces on the opportunity:

I was trying to pin this window curtain so I could shorten it, but Chewy happened.
I had to pick up all the pins at lightning speed when I saw Chewy incoming!

I was measuring/cutting row cover fabric to keep bugs from
eating my veggie plants, but again, a Chewy!

Trying to fold up the row covers after they were no longer needed,
but Chewy! And with the audacity to ask for belly rubs (which he got, of course).

Folded up paper that came in a package = comfy?

Chewy sure can be adaptive!! And he always looks like he's thinking, "Ahhh, this is good" when he lies down on my stuff. It sure is good to be a Chewy!