Friday, January 31, 2014

Lunar New Year

It's lunar new year! Which means feasting and red envelopes at our house- Chewy included!

Last night, we had new year's eve dinner at my aunt's place. Chewy had to stay home because he'd probably knock over everything in her apartment. But when we got back, I made sure Chewy had some good eats, too.

Chewy caught a whiff of the food prep

That's for me!

He came running when the toaster oven timer went off and waited patiently while I put food into his bowl.

Chewy's bowl of yum yums: salmon, steak and carrots

Of course, that wasn't enough to satisfy Chewy, so he got some clementine.

Perhaps some dessert?

You're sharing that, right?

My mom said that on new year's eve, children have to stay up past midnight to bring their parents longevity. So, we camped out in the living room for the remaining hour or so. Chewy had a long nap while we were out for dinner, so he was ready for the task. He did some antler chewing to pass the time.

I gave Chewy his red envelope. Since he doesn't know what to do with money, his envelope had dog treats.

2 cookies for turning 2 this year

Thank you for the red envelope!

My mom said you have to put red envelopes under your pillow to bring you good luck in the new year. I put Chewy's red envelope in his pillow case. He gave it a good sniff.

There is something yummy-smelling INSIDE my pillow!

I think you're supposed to keep your red envelopes until new year's celebrations are over (traditionally 15 days), but since his envelope contains cookies and not money, I decided he only had to wait one night.

I wish I could eat those cookies right now.

I took his red envelope out of his pillow at bedtime in case he got hungry in the middle of the night and tried to find it.

This morning...

Yes, I'll take that!

Happy lunar new year!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Chewy Home Protection System

Our house is protected by Chewy Home Security Services. Our subscription includes the following premium features:

1. Perimeter surveillance- Chewy is vigilant about keeping watch over our property. His eyes, ears and nose are all on alert for the slightest hint of trouble.

2. Intruder alert- Once the Chewy Home Protection System has detected an intruder, a loud, manly woof warning is issued. Chewy will proceed to stalk any intruders until the threat has been thoroughly assessed.

I heard something.

Known issue: strong winds may trigger false alarms.

3. Visitor sniff-over/greeting- Chewy gives all visitors a good sniff-over. Once they are cleared for entry, Chewy gives them a warm greeting and proceeds to welcome them to the house. He does his best to keep guests entertained and comfortable by doing tricks and bringing toys.

Wanna play?

High 10!

Why yes, you may wipe your hands on my fur.

Known issue: all delivery personnel automatically pass Chewy inspection.

4. Portable system- The Chewy Home Protection System is completely portable, so you can take it with you wherever you go. All you need are some treats, toys and water to ensure continuous operation.

     A. Car security- An anti-theft system can be activated to protect your belongings.

Guarding groceries

No one will dare to steal your car

     B. Hotel room security- Chewy will make sure your hotel room is safe for your overnight stay. An alert
             will be issued when strangers pass by the door.

Cost: 300 bellyrubs/month
A small fee for superior home protection!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Wordless Wednesday

We are joining the BlogPaws Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop today!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Tail-wagging Tuesday- by Chewy: Guide to Walkies in the Snow

Herro! Chewy here. Welcome to my new feature: Tail-wagging Tuesday- by me, Chewy. Yay! First off, let me personally thank you for visiting our blog. Kisses?

I now present my guide for walkies in the snow.

Tip #1: Do not walk on shoveled paths. You and your human will have SO MUCH MORE fun treading through snow. Walk through/hop over it, eat it, and make snow angels. You have to leave the sidewalk to pee on trees, anyway.

Tip #2: Climb EVERY snow mountain. People only shovel their driveways to make snow mountains for us doggies to play in, right? Make them feel appreciated.

Tip #3: Every few feet, dive into the snow head first and just lay there. It hugs your belly! Don't worry, your human will gladly wait for you.

Tip #4: Walk on everyone's untouched lawns and leave your cute doggie tracks all over them. Your neighbors will love your artistic touches.

Tip #5: Run away from salt trucks and snow plows. They will eat you. Take your human home IMMEDIATELY upon sight to avoid danger.

Tip #6: Don't forget to sniff for treasure. There might be a giant stick hiding under all that snow!

I hope my guide helps you next time it snows. You'll have the best day ever!

Now, off to find a good nap spot. Bye!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Black and White Sunday: I smell something yummy!

First time joining a blog hop! Hope we did it right.

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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Destructopup Case Files, Victim #1: Froggy

Chewy got a Kong Tugger Knots Frog Tug Toy for Christmas. It has a long, furry body, a frog face with minimal stuffing, a squeaker in the butt, and rope running through the body with knots in the center and loops at either end- the perfect combination of toy parts. It was the first present Chewy unwrapped (with assistance), and he immediately started chewing on it. In Chewy code, that means he likes it.

What's this? ... Can I eat it?

It started off with a semi-cute, doofy frog face:

Within a few days, he discovered that he could rip off fur bits from its body to reveal the woven part holding the fabric together. Then, he realized he could rip apart the woven part and get to the stuffing in the frog head. That's when we decided to doctor the frog by removing all the stuffing and sewing the holes shut. After repeated rounds of sewing and playing, the back of the frog's head was gone and a third of the originally concealed rope was now exposed. Even so, it was good for playing tug,

carrying around, 

and lounging.

Froggy's time in Chewy's arsenal of toys is now near its end. Its face is weirdly disfigured and its knotty guts are all hanging out. 

Chewy is an expert at unraveling knotted ropes, so Froggy is going into the cabinet of destroyed toys for now.

Toy Lifespan: 1 month

Friday, January 24, 2014

Chewy's Nemesis: The Vacuum

Having a golden retriever in the house means lots of dog hair everywhere: on the floor, on the furniture, on our clothes, and sometimes even in our food. Luckily, we have a powerful vacuum to pick up all that fluff. Chewy has no worries when it is off and sitting in the corner. He can sleep right next to it.

However, once we take it out and turn it on, the vacuum becomes his NEMESIS. Every now and then he dares to run really fast past it, but usually he scurries off to another room or watches it from a safe distance.

We tried using the Roomba in Chewy's domain once. Chewy finds all forms of vacuum evil, but I think at one point he tried to play with the Roomba.

What is this beast?

Best to hide.

The Roomba can't match the Dyson's level of hair collection, so we are sticking to vacuuming by hand, not robot. Sorry, Chewy.