Friday, December 18, 2015

Nutro Moist-n-Chewy Bites - Product Review

One day, after a wondrous romp on the beach,

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promptly followed by a dreadful bath... 

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...Chewy spotted a package at the door. According to Chewy logic, all packages are for Chewy, and thus all packages are exciting! It was a delivery waiting outside! And so, all was forgiven, evil bath and all.

A package at the door!

And what was inside the exciting box? Nutro Moist-n-Chewy Bites in Hickory Smoked BBQ Flavor! Chewy thought it smelled amazng. To the people nose, it smells like BBQ sauce.

Mmm...smoky flavor

He even tried to help himself to a couple, which is not proper Chewy behavior.

Maybe I can sneak just a little taste?

They are little, bite-sized treats, and are indeed moist and chewy. They are also a bit oily, so I would not recommend putting them in your pockets.

Bite-sized yum!

They work great for plugging the hole at the top of a Kong if you're filling it with liquidy foods like yogurt, because they're pliable and form a nice seal. No leaky Kong filling over here!

Can I have it now?

They are pretty much like gummy fruit snacks for people, except meat flavored and made from dog-safe ingredients. And just like candy, I do not think these are very nutritious. Nevertheless, they make a great occasional treat- they have a strong scent and chewy texture that Chewy loves and is willing to work for, and true to the Nutro philosophy, they are made with 100% natural ingredients.

Disclaimer: We received a bag of Nutro Moist-n-Chewy Bites Hickory Smoked BBQ Dog Treats from for review purposes as part of the Blogger Program. We did not receive any monetary compensation for this post, and all opinions shared above are our own.