Thursday, January 28, 2016

Merrick Kitchen Bites Cowboy Cookout Dog Treats - Product Review

This month, we received Merrick Kitchen Bites Cowboy Cookout Dog Treats for our review. The Merrick Kitchen Bites line of treats are oven-baked with real, deboned meat as the first ingredient, and a variety of fruits and veggies. They are grain-free and gluten-free, and made in the USA.

Merrick Kitchen Bites Cowboy Cookout
Cowboy Cookout contains deboned beef as the first ingredient, along with sweet potatoes, potatoes, and peas, among others. Despite being dry biscuits, they must smell beefy to the Chewy nose, because he thought the treat package smelled great!

The treats come in fun little cowboy hat and boot shapes, and they are quite detailed for a little cookie!

Cowboy hat & boot shapes
The biscuits have the crunch that Chewy loves...

Cruncha muncha
...and a Chewy-approved taste.


Can I have some more?
These treats are convenient for carrying around in your pocket on walks because they are small, dry and enticing (to Chewy, at least). They are easy to break in half if you want to make them last longer, or if you are watching your dog's food intake. They sometimes leave behind a couple crumbs in my pocket, though.

Whenever we get deep snow, Chewy likes to plop down in a snow pile every few feet and watch the world go by. These treats have come in pretty handy for convincing him to leave his snow thrones and start walking again!

Disclaimer: We received a free bag of Merrick Kitchen Bites Cowboy Cookout Dog Treats from for review purposes as part of the Blogger Program. We did not receive any monetary compensation for this post, and all opinions shared above are our own.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Snowshoeing with Chewy

Winter Storm Jonas brought about 2 feet of fluffy snow to our area, which was perfect for trying out my new snowshoes. We headed to the snow-covered trails -- Chewy in dog boots and me in snowshoes -- and we had a blast! 

Chewy LOVES snow and hops around all over the place, no matter how deep the snow is. It can be very tiring running around with him in deep snow because of all the sinking and having to lift your feet up really high, but snowshoes made it SO much easier! 

Chewy was really good about not walking underneath my snowshoes, but he didn't mind walking on top of them! Every now and then I wouldn't be able to move because there were Chewy feet on the backs of my snowshoes. He also thought they were great for resting on:


Let me eat this snow off for you

I need a break!

We got to take the paths less traveled, which meant lots of pretty, untouched snow. I think even Chewy enjoyed taking in the sights!

And of course, Chewy remained faithfully on critter watch duty. I don't think he spotted any, but that didn't stop him from looking.

Hello, up there!

If you and your pup like to go out in the deep snow, I really recommend snowshoes! The dogs will get super tired hopping through all the snow, but you won't!

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Chewy and his Puppy Stuffie

One of Chewy's favorite toys EVER is the large Gosig Golden soft toy from Ikea. The large size and floppy limbs makes it great for going shaky shaky, and the stuffing makes it a great pillow for impromptu naps. He regularly prances through the house carrying his puppy, and often leaves it lying around in random places. At first glance, the puppy stuffie looks just like Chewy! Last night when I was cooking dinner, I saw a golden blob in the corner of my eye, and I figured it was Chewy (he likes to supervise cooking in hopes of samples). When I finally finished cooking and got a good look, I realized it was actually the stuffie lying by the cabinet!

Here are some examples of how it can get confusing (I promise, he left puppy like this on his own!):

Napping under a desk

Lounging by the toy baskets

Post-Benebone-chewing break

Tandem resting

Hoping for snack delivery to the Chewy bed

It's totally random what pose Chewy leaves his puppy in, but very often it is one that the real Chewy would make!

Monday, January 11, 2016

Sojos Simply Turkey Freeze-Dried Dog Treats - Product Review

MEAT. Chewy, like the average dog, loves meat. When his treats are purely meat, Chewy reaches a whole other level of food-induced happiness. While we often cook a little unseasoned meat for Chewy when prepping human meals, packaged treats offer convenience, portability, and significantly less mess. Last month we received Sojos Simply Turkey Freeze-Dried Dog Treats from to review, and as I expected, Chewy simply loves it!

Sojos Simply Meat treats are freeze-dried raw from a single ingredient (beef, lamb or turkey), and made in the USA from USDA-certified meat.

The treats are of all different shapes and sizes, highlighting the natural aspect and how minimally processed they are. They are generally a great size for use as training treats, and if you deem a particular piece too large, it's usually easy to break it into smaller bits.

They are meaty smelling and thus quite motivating for Chewy. Using Sojos Simply Turkey as lures, I was able to get Chewy to walk on our new treadmill and go up our newly carpeted stairs (stories for another day). The one bothersome aspect is they seem to leave a lingering scent that Chewy can detect a few minutes later, especially on carpet.

*patiently waiting*

Me: "Look at me!" Chewy: What. Let me eat it!

Imma eat it.


Disclaimer: We received a free bag of Sojos Simply Turkey Freeze-Dried Dog Treats from for review purposes as part of the Blogger Program. We did not receive any monetary compensation for this post, and all opinions shared above are our own.