Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Natural Balance L.I.T. Jerky Bark: Duck & Potato Formula - Product Review

This month, we received Natural Balance's Limited Ingredient Treats (L.I.T.) Jerky Bark in Duck & Potato Formula from

...when will I get to eat them??

I had purchased Natural Balance L.I.T. Jerky Bark before for a hiking trip so that Chewy would have some energy-providing snacks on the trail, and we liked it. Back then, it looked like normal meat jerky encrusted in powdery [sweet] potato. The one downside was that the powdery crust would come off on my fingers when I touched it, resulting in sticky fingers.

Now, they have a "new and improved formula," and it does not look like your typical jerky. It looks like processed meat product, similar in appearance to hot dogs or spam. While I don't like how unnatural it looks, I do like that it doesn't leave crumbs or sticky residue on my fingers. This makes it even more convenient to break off little pieces for controlled feeding.

Not very jerky-like in appearance

Chewy LOVES the taste of these treats. Every time I tried to get pictures of him eating one, they turned out like this:

*scarf scarf scarf*

The treats are soft and not tough at all, so he can eat an entire strip of jerky bark in just a few seconds! They are definitely not a long-lasting treat for these jaws.


I think these treats smell kind of funky, but Chewy doesn't mind at all. He might even like the scent! I opened the bag to examine the texture while writing this review, and Chewy came over a few minutes later and started sniffing around furiously. He KNEW there was something good to eat around here!

Disclaimer: We received a free bag of Natural Balance L.I.T. Jerky Bark Duck & Potato Formula from for review purposes as part of the Blogger Program. We did not receive any monetary compensation for this post, and all opinions shared above are our own.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Coping with the Heat Wave

It has been HOT over here on the East Coast, and weather forecasters are saying the high temps will continue through the end of July! Chewy's preferred temperature range is 60°F and below, so he is rather displeased with this!

The easiest way for Chewy to keep cool is to stay home with the air conditioner on. He likes to lay on the floor tile, hug the metal bar stools, and lounge on the leather couch - all surfaces that are cool to the touch.

Bar stool for Chewy!

Napping on his favorite couch

He goes out to potty just a few feet away from the door and then hurries back in to resume chilling in the air conditioning.

But lounging around at home all day gets boring, and a cooped up pup needs exercise and mental stimulation! So, I try to take him out sometimes, preferably early or late in the day when temperatures are (marginally) cooler, and sticking to shady areas.

Staying hydrated is a top priority in the heat for both humans and pups, so bringing water on every outing is a necessity.

Just gonna stay here by my water bowl!

If we walk along the shoreline, he tries to jump into the stinky bay to escape the heat.


When we get home, I set up his kiddie pool so that he can cool off. Here he is getting poolside beverage service while waiting for the pool to fill:

But instead of walkies, Chewy would much rather travel in the air conditioned car...

...and go shopping!