Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Tasty Tuesday: Baked Oatmeal for Dogs

I often make a dog version of my meals to share with Chewy, so when I decided to make myself some baked oatmeal, I made him a pan, too. His version had peanut butter and applesauce and no added sugar. It is very simple to make and has a little bit of a crunch factor as opposed to regular, gooey oatmeal.

This recipe is for a pretty small batch, so if you're already planning to bake something else, you can just mix it up and pop in the oven together.
[Recipe at the end]

All that's required: mix and pour into a (mini) pan

Chewy is pretty good at recognizing that I'm making treats for him and likes to keep watch over the oven. Peanut butter is usually a good indicator that there's food for doggies.

Always guarding the oven

Chewy got his baked oatmeal with peanut butter yogurt here. Sometimes he gets some fruit slices, too, like banana. I eat my brown sugar-y people version with milk.

Matching breakfasts!

Om nom nommm

They store well in the refrigerator for a few days. I think baked oatmeal leftovers tastes better if toasted before serving, but Chewy was equally excited about eating them cold. I usually pop his in the toaster oven along with my own serving. Just be sure to let it cool before offering to your dog.

I know you have more up there!

Baked Oatmeal for Dogs

1 cup quick cook oats
1/4 cup sugar-free applesauce
2 tbsp unsalted peanut butter
1 egg (whisked)

Preheat oven to 350°F. Mix all ingredients together and transfer to a foil-lined or well-greased baking pan (I used a mini loaf pan). Bake for 40-45 minutes until set and golden brown at the top. Let cool and cut into small squares. Refrigerate any uneaten portions in an airtight container.