Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Eazee by Foolee, Click & Brush Deshedding Tool - Product Review

The #1 complaint people tend to have about golden retrievers is the shedding - the tumblefurs around the house, the constant need for a lint roller, the rogue dog hairs that end up in your mouth. While I think their loving, playful demeanor and cuteness more than make up for the presence of dog hair on everything I own (or don't own), others might not think so. That's where shed control measures come in, including deshedding tools. We have tried a lot of grooming tools designed for removing dead hair, but never found one that worked well for Chewy. But now there is the Eazee deshedding tool made by Foolee, and it works for us!

Eazee by Foolee range of colors (image provided by Matrix Partners)

The Eazee deshedding tool is available in a variety of bright, happy colors, and in small, medium and large sizes. It comes with two interchangeable and reversible plastic combs - one for daily grooming (white) and the other for intense grooming (black). Each comb has smooth, rounded teeth with one side for thick hair and the other for thin hair. The comb is retractable so it can be adjusted for short or long hair, and fully retracts to easily dehair the brush. With so many adjustable elements, it can be used on a wide variety of fur types.

The product packaging makes a lot of claims (safer, gentler, easier to use, more effective, won't scratch skin or pull live hair), and they all seem to hold true! I have run the brush along my own arm, and it does not scratch or leave marks. ✔

Chewy is the type of dog that does NOT enjoy being groomed, and typically puts up a fight when it's time to get a bath, nail trim, or brushed. But he is actually cooperative about 90% of the time when I use the Eazee brush! It does seem to be more comfortable for him than other brushes we have used, and he doesn't run away and hide!

How Chewy feels about being groomed: Pfbt!

For Chewy, the Eazee works best on the "thick" settings. Chewy is a "shed a little every day" kind of Golden instead of the "blow coat once a year" kind, so we never achieve that dramatic second dog made of brushed hair. But, we do get a decent-sized blob of hair, especially if it's been awhile since he was last brushed.

Day 1: Intense brushing comb

Day 2: Daily brushing comb
Day 3+: laziness/forgetfulness kicks in and no more brushing...

The results are definitely noticeable to me, as Chewy's coat feels thinner and only a couple of hairs fly off his body when he shakes. ✔

I like the versatility of the Eazee brush. I can use it on the short setting on Chewy's head where the hairs are shorter, and the long setting for everywhere else.

While the product claims to have anti-static properties, I sometimes still get some static cling. However, I think there is less static when I actually utilize the ejector function, instead of pulling the collected hair off by hand. Regardless, bringing the brushing session outside makes the floating or clingy hairs more tolerable.

Brushing outside

The one real down side is that if the dog's hair is tangled or matted, the Eazee brush yanks instead of detangling. Chewy's long tail hairs often get a little tangled, so I have to go in with my fingers or a comb to gently detangle the hair before brushing.

Overall, Chewy and I really like the Eazee by Foolee, as it works for our needs. It is gentle, yet effective. Hooray!

Disclaimer: We received a free Eazee by Foolee Click & Brush Deshedding Tool from Matrix Partners in exchange for an honest review. We received no monetary compensation for this post, and all opinions expressed above are our own.