Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Chewy's First BBQ

To celebrate the warmer weather, we bought a charcoal grill last week. If you follow us on Instagram, you saw this photo of Chewy shopping at Home Depot:

We hosted our first BBQ over the weekend, and Chewy joined in on the festivities, of course! I took him to Martial Arfs class early in the afternoon, so he was nice and calm for our guests. He had to stay tied to the railing for most of the time to keep him out of trouble, though. Our yard isn't fenced in, and some of our guests were afraid of dogs.

Chewy knew something yummy was going on once meat hit the grill.

Pork and Portobello mushrooms for the humans

Smells good!

This is taking FOREVER!

I wrapped a chicken breast in foil to put on the grill for Chewy, and he also got a portion of the boiled pumpkin that went into my mom's pumpkin soup. He was more than ready to dig in. 

My chicken!

Can I eat it yet?

I was ripping off little pieces of chicken to give Chewy one by one, but he thought it would be better to go for the source. 


Usually he starts whining if he doesn't get to hang out under the table, but this time he seemed pretty content to sit on the side. He was probably still tired from his doggy class.

Behaving nicely in the corner

Might as well relax...

Hosting a BBQ was tiring for Chewy, too. He followed me around while I brought things back and forth between the kitchen and the tables outside, which took many, many trips. He also had to play with the guests and solicit pettings/bellyrubs, which cut into his usual naptime. In all the busy morning preparations, I forgot to stuff and freeze a Kong toy to keep him occupied. Good thing he didn't need one!

I bet Chewy's hoping for many more bbqs before the summer ends. Grilled meat and extra bellyrubs...what more could a dog want?


  1. Sounds like a great time. We had burgers here...equally as good.

  2. That's cool that you got to ride right in the cart, Chewy! Sounds like a fun time!

  3. A golden retriever at a BBQ seems so very summery to me! :)

  4. Lucky Chewy! Sounds like he had a great time with great food!

  5. Oh that sounds fun! We hope you have many more barbeques with Chewy this summer too!

    Monty and Harlow