Friday, June 26, 2015

Chewy's Guide to Being an Office Dog

Since today is Take Your Dog to Work Day, Chewy would like to share his tips on surviving the office dog life. We have a home office, so pretty much every day is Take Chewy to Work Day, and Chewy considers himself somewhat of an expert on the matter.

Tip #1: Don't leave your tail/tail feathers in the path of wheelie chairs. Ouch!

Chewy keeps his tail safely against the wall, away from evil chairs

Tip #2: Let the humans a point. They need to make money to buy you food, and toys, and treats... A good use of that time is to nap, chew, or even groom your fluff.

Tip # 3: Don't be afraid to express just how bored you are. Maybe someone will take pity and play with you. Or better yet, rub your belly!

Tip #4: Bring over a toy to subtly hint that it's playtime. If they don't get it the first time, bring more!

Tip #5: Rest your head on armrests to get people to pet you. If that doesn't work, jump on their laps. They love that!

Tip #6: Things will get stuck under the copier. It's a fact of office dog life. Just lie there sadly staring under it until someone rescues your toy/chew/treat.

Tip #7: As an office dog, your job is of utmost importance: to keep all the employees happy! Check on them periodically. See if anyone needs to go on walkies or play fetch.

Tip #8: Sometimes visitors are afraid of dogs, and you'll get put behind a baby gate or perhaps in a crate. Work those innocent puppy eyes and waggy tail as best as you can. If that doesn't get them, it's ok. Someone fun will come along eventually!

Hope you all got to enjoy Take Your Dog to Work Day!


  1. Those are great tips...too bad Mom doesn't work in a dog-friendly office.

  2. Chewy looks like he takes his job very seriously, and is very good at it as well!

  3. That's amazing, I'd love to be able to play with a dog while at work :) For now, I'm making some changes to our management structure and introducing microsoft dynamics 365.