Monday, August 29, 2016

Can We Go Swimming???

Chewy, like most Golden Retrievers, LOVES water. If we are walking along a shoreline, he starts pulling towards the water in hopes of a foot soak, a refreshing dip, or perhaps a game of fetch. When we get close enough to the water, he looks back with that dopey smile, as if to ask, "Can we go swimming?"

Can we go swimming?

How about here?

Can we go down there?
Sometimes he takes matters into his own hands, and just goes for it:

Oooohh, water...


He always looks super pleased with himself when he manages to get in the water, whether with permission or not!

I smell now, and it's GREAT!

To keep his fur/skin clean and healthy, Chewy usually gets a dreaded bath after swimming, but I think he would say it's still worth it!

I am displeased by this bath.

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  1. Our Sheba is the same soon as she sees water she's pulling towards it! Our swimming spots around here are pretty clean, so we don't usually give her a bath afterwards though.