Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Wellness CORE Grain-Free Marrow Roasts - Product Review

It's [Chewy] time for another product review! 😄

We received Wellness CORE Grain-Free Marrow Roasts Dog Treats in Savory Turkey Recipe to try out. They are biscuits with a meaty marrow center, made with all-natural ingredients, without wheat, corn or soy.

Wellness CORE Grain-free Marrow Roasts
As always, the first test in our house is always administered by Chewy's nose, and Chewy thought it smelled DELICIOUS!

This smells good!
The Marrow Roasts are supposed to be "crunchy" biscuits with meaty marrow centers, but the ones we received had an outside that seemed more like a soft, chewy biscuit. My reasoning is that the marrow center was just too moist to keep the outer biscuits crunchy. Chewy doesn't mind, though, because they're still treats!

The treats in the bag were not cut all the way, so they were in strips of 2 or 3, and I had to snap them to produce individual treats. I would have preferred if they were already individually separated to avoid that extra step when treating, but it's not TOO big of a hassle. I'm sure Chewy would prefer to just be given a whole roll!

1 strip --> 2 treats!
It took Chewy a lot of self-control not to immediately eat these treats. You can see the longing in his eyes!

Notice the drool spots under Chewy's mouth as he eyes the treats!
Chewy hoovered up those treats and ate both in one mouthful. I assume he thought they tasted great! Now, whenever I reach for the bag, he immediately is on his best behavior, sitting up nice and tall and waiting patiently. That's a good sign of a high value treat!


P.S. For every Wellness product purchased at until December 19, 2016, a Wellness meal will be donated to feed a pet in need!

Disclaimer: We received a free bag of Wellness CORE Grain-Free Marrow Roasts Dog Treats in Savory Turkey Recipe from for review purposes as part of the Blogger Program. We did not receive any monetary compensation for this post, and all opinions shared above are our own.

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