Monday, July 17, 2017

Barkworthies Canine Superfoods Jerky: Product Review

Barkworthies is one of our favorite brands because of their commitment to using natural, high quality and wholesome ingredients in their products, as well as their strive for innovation in the world of dog treats. They have just launched a new line of Superfood Jerky treats, combining the powers of superfoods with real meat to make a highly digestible, grain-free and gluten-free jerky treat. We are always looking for natural, healthy dog foods so that Chewy can live a long and healthy life, so we were excited to try these!

We received the Chicken Jerky with Cranberry & Blueberry recipe, but there are other recipes with various combos of meats and superfoods.

Barkworthies Canine Superfoods Chicken Jerky - So excited! *licks chops*
The packaging has an easy-pull tab for quick, hassle-free access to TREATS! No more searching for scissors or crooked edges.

Please feed me now?
The jerky comes in large, cutlet-shaped pieces about 5" long. It is the extruded kind of jerky, with all the ingredients mixed in. Personally, I prefer the kind of jerky that is made from meat strips and looks more natural, but Chewy does not care at all. If it smells like meat and tastes like meat, he is pleased! On the plus side, since all the other ingredients are mixed into the meat, you don't end up with sticky residue on your fingers from any flavor coatings.

Chewy could not wait to try the treats, and A LOT of drool was produced during the wait. 

Let me have it!
The jerky seems very chewy, as it took longer than usual for Chewy to work through it (compared to similarly sized jerky treats).

*chew chew chew*

That was delicious!

Can I have some more?
Chewy and Chewy's human approved!

Four paws up from Chewy!

Disclaimer: We received a free bag of Barkworthies Canine Superfoods Chicken Jerky with Cranberry & Blueberry from Matrix Partners in exchange for an honest review. We did not receive any monetary compensation for our post, and all opinions shared above are our own.

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