Saturday, September 23, 2017

Kayaking with Chewy

We bought a kayak this summer! Our town built a kayak launch recently, so I figured we might as well use it. The rental place nearby only allow dogs in the rowboats, not the kayaks (☹), so I got one for me and Chewy.

I went with a foldable kayak because it is light and easy to store. This way I can carry and transport it by myself, seeing as Chewy isn't going to lend a helping paw.

Not sure what this is...
I practiced assembling the kayak on our lawn, and Chewy took to it immediately. He probably didn't know what it was, but hopped right in to claim as his own.

A seat for me!
The moment we launched into the water, Chewy kept rocking the boat. He moved to one side to smell the water and felt the boat tipping, so he quickly moved to the other side, only to tip it that way.  And repeat. I thought for sure we would flip over! But he soon realized that maintaining balance was key, so now he works with me to keep us afloat.

Being a big lap dog, Chewy enjoys sitting on my lap in the kayak, feeling the breeze through his fur, watching the birds/humans on the water, and taking in all the sea smells.

When he's excited he stands up and wags his tail in my face. Not the most pleasant thing...especially when his tail is wet with stinky sea water!

And when he's really excited, he puts his paws up on the deck like a little troublemaker.

But the rest of the time he's a good boy and lies down in the kayak, although sometime he crushes my legs...

Chewy is always enjoying the view while we paddle along. When we pass someone with a fishing pole, he often licks his chops and watches them intensely, so I guess he understands that they're catching food! And, he thinks buoys are very suspicious, especially the big round ones, so he is careful to keep an eye on them.

Big clownfish
Kayaking with Chewy is always a fun adventure!

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  1. Oh, what fun! I've never seen a foldable kayak - how cool! We have regular kayaks, and I've always wanted to take a dog with me, but worried too much about getting dumped. Glad to see it went well for you and Chewy!