Monday, October 30, 2017

Broken Toe Recovery

After 6 weeks since Chewy fractured his toe, he finally has the all clear to run around again! I'm sure six weeks of limited activity felt like a very long time to Chewy. He did a lot of lounging around for most of it, and got plenty of belly rubs and pettings.

Soon he was back to his usual rolling-on-the-couch antics, which technically was not "running."

His limit per bandage was exactly 1 week. He kept ripping up the bandage on the 7th day, and we'd have to get a last minute drop-off appointment at the vet the next day to get it fixed up.

Eventually, around week 3.5, he decided to rip off the whole splint. He ripped off a bunch of leg hair in the process. That must have hurt!

He also pooped out a cotton strip a few days later.

The splint had caused some blisters, and his paw pad started sloughing off in the following days.

But his paw is slowly returning to normal, and we finally went to the park to run around this weekend!

Total vet fees for the broken toe escapade, including an emergency vet visit, 2 sets of x-rays, and 4 bandages: $986.10

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