Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Chewy Goes Apple Picking

It's apple season! Over the weekend, we took Chewy upstate to Wright's farm for his first apple picking adventure. 

(The circle at the top right is an apple cider donut- at first I thought it was a sad representation of an apple!)
They have a farm stand and bakery, as well as 453 acres of land (so many apples!). There is an admission fee of $10 per adult, which includes a 1-peck bag for you to fill with apples. You drive your car directly into the orchard, and there's a large grassy parking lot where many visitors set up picnic blankets and BBQ grills. Interspersed in those groups were lots of doggies! It was slow going through the parking lot because Chewy had to greet all those pups!

The orchard was full of rows and rows of apple trees, in many different varieties. 

There were golden apples, so we had to pick some of those! 

They're all for me, right?

Chewy really enjoyed the lush greenery on the edges of the orchard. Thankfully, we didn't have a problem with ticks or other bugs.

There were "scenic wagon rides" through a small section of the orchard. Chewy loved the wind in his fur, and licked his chops when we were close to the apple trees.

There was also a resident doggy that rode around in a golf cart with his orchard-tending daddy. Naturally, he and Chewy had a few pee battles. His daddy was busy talking to customers, so I didn't get the dog's name, but he was a real snuggle bug!

I liked how welcoming the farm was toward doggies and the extensive variety and abundance of apples. However, some sections had a lot of powder around the trees that I assume was either pesticide or herbicide. The apples also felt powdery throughout the orchard, so I didn't let Chewy pick up any. (That's also why Chewy's leash is different colors in these photos. We changed from long leash to short leash to keep him away from bad things more easily)

As we drove out of the orchard, an attendant checked our car to make sure we weren't taking more apples than we paid for. She even wanted us to pop the trunk, but then Chewy stuck his head out from the back, so she was like "Oh, nevermind!" 

Next, we checked out the farm stand. They had all sorts of fall goodies, including flowers, gourds, pumpkins and squashes. Chewy thought everything smelled delicious. We bought some grilled chicken legs for lunch, and since they had an unseasoned option, we got one of those for Chewy. 

***Don't let your dog eat the drumstick bone!
It is a choking hazard, and may cause all sorts of internal damage***
I rip the meat off to offer to Chewy.  

After collecting lots of apples, getting some exercise, and filling up his tummy, Chewy was all set to head home. I wonder if he thinks all those apples are for him!

Ready to go home!


  1. Wow! What a fun day! That sounds like an awesome farm! We love to go to self picks!

  2. I remember apple picking time in NYS...it was great and the apple cider - YUM! Looks like you had a great time.

  3. Judging by the smile on his face he sure loved it!!

  4. What a fun time! That orchard really has everything (wish they didn't have the pesticides though!). We plan to go apple picking hopefully this weekend. It's not fall without apple picking! (and apple cider donuts!)

  5. Oh how fun! We don't have many farms out by us - I'd love to be able to take the furkids and do this.

    Monty and Harlow