Thursday, September 11, 2014

Mid-Autumn Festival = Pomelo Hat!

Yesterday's Wordless Wednesday post featured Chewy wearing something silly: a pomelo hat!

Monday was Mid-Autumn Festival, a Chinese holiday celebrating the moon and harvest. It coincides with the full moon, and even though it was cloudy here, it was still quite bright out at night.

Chewy in the moonlight Full moon in the clouds

Pomelo, a large citrus fruit, is one of the foods typically eaten as part of the celebration. It tastes like a sweeter version of grapefruit, with thicker meat.

Pomelo, with Chewy for scale

Can I eat it like this?

To prepare pomelo, you cut off the top and score the sides, and then peel off the rind in one piece. You eat it like you would orange segments, except you don't eat the membranes that separate the segments - they are thick and fibrous. Also, don't eat the seeds! Some of them are quite large.

Pomelo peel

Children wear the pomelo peel as a hat to bring good fortune, and Chewy, the baby of the family, has been donning a pomelo hat every year:

6 month old Chewy was a bit confused

1.5 year old Chewy was unfazed

This year, Chewy was very happy to see the pomelo.

Pomelo time!

Happy Chewy in pomelo hat*

I smell delicious!*

Pomelo hat has no flavor

*Chewy was paid in pomelo for his cooperation.

If your dog can handle citrus, s/he can probably eat pomelo (in moderation!). Chewy loves to eat pomelo. The first time he tried it, he spat it out a few times because he was not sure if he liked it, but now he gobbles it up eagerly. If you start peeling apart a pomelo segment, he sits nicely next to you, waiting for his share.

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  1. Haha - oh my gosh - how cute! ...and what a patient boy Chewy is. I didn't know there were pomelo fruit out there - I learned something new! Thank you!

    Monty and Harlow