Monday, August 31, 2015

Our First Egg!

On Saturday we got the first egg from our chickens!!!

To help the chickens know where to lay their eggs, I placed golf balls in their nesting boxes. Apparently, chickens like to lay where other chickens have laid before, so the balls are supposed to mimic eggs, and it worked! Tater Tot the Rhode Island Red hen laid her first egg right next to a golf ball.

Tater Tot's first egg! (+golf ball)
Chewy was very interested in the egg, of course!

What's that? Can I eat it?
On Sunday, I caught Tater Tot in the nesting box rearranging the hay for her next egg.

Tater Tot the Rhode Island Red hen
This time, the golf ball got buried in the corner.

Tater Tot's 2nd egg
Today, she laid another egg. Three eggs in three days! A chicken's first eggs can be abnormal as their system kicks into gear, but Tater Tot did very well!

Tater Tot's 3rd egg
So far, we have only eaten her first egg. We cooked it along with an ungraded farm fresh egg and a supermarket XL free range egg for comparison. The first egg is always the smallest, so Tater Tot's is the little one at the top:

Her eggs are getting the tiniest bit bigger each day. They should eventually be XL. Chewy only cares about eating them, though!

I can has?!?

This is the face he made after his first bite of Tater Tot's egg (we shared it). I think he was pretty pleased!

Cadbury the Red Star hen is almost ready to lay eggs, too:

Cadbury the Red Star hen

And, just for fun, my favorite chicken, Poopiebutt the Easter Egger hen, with floofy cheeks:

Poopiebutt the Easter Egger hen
I love that the chickens look right at my camera! They are such funny creatures.


  1. How much fun was this? Loved this post! I never knew that about chickens and golf balls, that is so interesting! I love that you cooked the eggs to compare.
    Never knew that her eggs will soon be XL and I bet the flavor surpasses those of store bought eggs. YUM!!!

  2. WOW!!! Fresh Eggs :-) Tasty!!! Golden Woofs

  3. We used to have chickens - something I dearly miss! We had four, and ended up with so many eggs that the dogs really benefited from them. They tasted so good too!

    Monty and Harlow