Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Product Review: The Green Pet Shop's Cool Pet Pad

This summer has been ridiculously hot and humid here in New York, so keeping cool has been a top priority for Chewy. In pursuit of this mission, we tried the Cool Pet Pad by The Green Pet Shop.

The Green Pet Shop's Cool Pet Pad in Large

The Cool Pet Pad contains pressure-activated, non-toxic cooling gel. When a dog (or person/other pet) rests on the mat, it absorbs their body heat, resulting in a cooling effect that lasts for up to 4 hours. It "recharges" automatically after a short period of non-use. The Cool Pet Pad is available in 4 different sizes (S-XL, $24.99 - $84.99).

The Cool Pet Pad feels cooler than our tile floor, and stays cool. Here is Chewy rolling around on it after some crazy nighttime zoomies in the yard:

How to chill a Chewy

I do think that Chewy stops panting sooner when he is using the Cool Pet Pad, so it appears to be an effective cooling product. It is comfortable and not too cold for even my non-fur-covered self. It's a great mat for cuddling with your furbaby on a hot day, when it would otherwise be unbearable.

The larger sizes of the Cool Pet Pad do have some weight to them because they contain more cooling gel. Nevertheless, since it's not a bulky mat, it is very portable and can easily be used in the car, on furniture, and in crates, as well as packed for travelling. I sometimes move it around the house so Chewy can have access to it wherever we're hanging out.

Chewy doesn't seek out his Cool Pet Pad, and typically only lies on it if I tell him to, if someone sits on it with him, or if it happens to be in one of his favorite lounging spots. Left to his own devices, he nearly always ends up moving to the floor within minutes. Perhaps he feels sufficiently cooled?

Looking happy on the Cool Pet Pad, and looking happy off the Cool Pet Pad

Even though Chewy doesn't really prefer to use the Cool Pet Pad, he does claim it as his. Whenever I put it on the ground, he makes a point to lie down on it immediately as if to say, "Yep, this is mine!" He does the same thing with his beds and mats after they have just been washed.

One caveat of the Cool Pet Pad is that the material on the outside absorbs dirt easily. Chewy played around in the dewy grass, and when he came home and walked over the mat, he left some visible paw prints. The instructions say to clean with a soft cloth, mild soap and water. I tried wiping the pad with just water and also with soap, and both methods required some elbow grease to make the spots fade substantially. I also worry about the material absorbing the soap, since Chewy licks everything.

Paw prints above The Green Pet Shop logo

The dirt problem could potentially be solved by wiping Chewy down when we come in the house, but I would not be willing to let him chew/eat anything stinky or messy on the Cool Pet Pad for fear of staining. Even just his saliva leaves visible marks. The Green Pet Shop sells a cover for the Cool Pet Pad, but it would be an added cost.

I also wish the Cool Pet Pad had an anti-slip backing so it wouldn't slide all over the place. Chewy, being a dog, likes to run around the house, and if he runs fast enough over the mat, it shoots across the floor.

We originally received a Medium Cool Pet Pad, which was less than half the size of a Large. It nearly disappeared under all of Chewy's fluff! Be sure to pay attention to the sizing information if you are considering the product. It did make for some silly pictures, though!

I fits...right?

We give the Cool Pet Pad 3 paws up. It does what it claims to do, is easy to use, and is also comfortable for humans (they make a human version, too), but I found it hard to keep clean, which can be a problem when your dog loves to play outside or is messy.

3 paws up for the Cool Pet Pad!

Disclaimer: We received a Large Cool Pet Pad from The Green Pet Shop for review purposes. We did not receive any monetary compensation for this post, and all opinions shared above are our own.

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  1. Great review! That looks like something we could use on a very hot day! Happy National Dog Day!