Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Chewy and his Puppy Stuffie

One of Chewy's favorite toys EVER is the large Gosig Golden soft toy from Ikea. The large size and floppy limbs makes it great for going shaky shaky, and the stuffing makes it a great pillow for impromptu naps. He regularly prances through the house carrying his puppy, and often leaves it lying around in random places. At first glance, the puppy stuffie looks just like Chewy! Last night when I was cooking dinner, I saw a golden blob in the corner of my eye, and I figured it was Chewy (he likes to supervise cooking in hopes of samples). When I finally finished cooking and got a good look, I realized it was actually the stuffie lying by the cabinet!

Here are some examples of how it can get confusing (I promise, he left puppy like this on his own!):

Napping under a desk

Lounging by the toy baskets

Post-Benebone-chewing break

Tandem resting

Hoping for snack delivery to the Chewy bed

It's totally random what pose Chewy leaves his puppy in, but very often it is one that the real Chewy would make!


  1. That's really funny he does that!

  2. That is too's like a Mini Me toy for Chewy!

  3. Hi Chewy! I'm glad we found your blog! Love the pictures!