Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Snowshoeing with Chewy

Winter Storm Jonas brought about 2 feet of fluffy snow to our area, which was perfect for trying out my new snowshoes. We headed to the snow-covered trails -- Chewy in dog boots and me in snowshoes -- and we had a blast! 

Chewy LOVES snow and hops around all over the place, no matter how deep the snow is. It can be very tiring running around with him in deep snow because of all the sinking and having to lift your feet up really high, but snowshoes made it SO much easier! 

Chewy was really good about not walking underneath my snowshoes, but he didn't mind walking on top of them! Every now and then I wouldn't be able to move because there were Chewy feet on the backs of my snowshoes. He also thought they were great for resting on:


Let me eat this snow off for you

I need a break!

We got to take the paths less traveled, which meant lots of pretty, untouched snow. I think even Chewy enjoyed taking in the sights!

And of course, Chewy remained faithfully on critter watch duty. I don't think he spotted any, but that didn't stop him from looking.

Hello, up there!

If you and your pup like to go out in the deep snow, I really recommend snowshoes! The dogs will get super tired hopping through all the snow, but you won't!


  1. OMD that is a lot of snow.
    Looks like fun even though is must be very cold.
    xo Cinnamon

  2. great idea and those photos are adorable! DakotasDen

  3. I loved seeing your videos on Instagram, especially the one going down the steps in all that snow, lol!

  4. Oh, you're so lucky! We LOVE snowshoeing but we haven't gotten enough snow yet this year to use them. My beagle Kobi used to always follow behind me when we had to break a trail, and step on the backs of the snowshoes! It's so much fun to be out in the woods after a fresh snowfall.