Saturday, April 2, 2016

Dr. Tim's Kinesis Dog Food 30-day challenge, Day 1 - Product Review

This month we will be doing a 30-day challenge with Chewy will be eating Dr. Tim's Kinesis All Life Stages Formula Dog Food, and we will share our thoughts and experiences along the way.

Food? I like food...challenge accepted!

The Dr. Tim's line of pet food products are formulated to provide all-natural, quality nutrition. They offer diets for varying degrees of activity, from dogs that compete in sports to those that "prefer to scale the couch," as well as grain-free and weight management formulas. Dr. Tim's dog foods contain probiotics, prebiotics and natural antioxidants for healthy immune systems, are made with mostly animal-derived proteins, and are slow-cooked in small batches in the USA. They are free of corn and soy products.

First ingredient: chicken meal
The Kinesis All Life Stages Formula is min. 26% crude protein, for the average not-super-active dog. While Chewy does like to run around and feel the wind in his fur, he also likes to be a couch potato for most of the day. The protein sources in this kibble are mostly chicken meal, eggs, and various fish meals, suggesting high digestibility. 

Dr. Tim's Kinesis comes in 5-lb, 15-lb, 30-lb, and 44-lb bags. Have you ever seen a 44-lb bag of kibble? It's humongous! But a better value, of course.

Our 44-lb bag ripped a little on its journey to our house. I bet it got thrown around a bit between truck rides. Chewy found it to be a perfect hole for sniff-vestigating the contents, and was also pleasantly surprised to find a few loose kibbles at the bottom of the box. He quickly cleaned those up, of course.

Edit: Because of the ripped packaging, speedily sent us a brand new bag of Dr. Tim's at our request, because their customer service is truly stellar!

Don't mind if I do!

The food looks and smells like regular kibble, with the same stinky oily smell that Chewy is fond of.

Chewy seems to like his new kibble, but only time will tell if it's a good fit for him! We will post an update in another 2 weeks to share how it's going.

Disclaimer: We received a 44-lb bag of Dr. Tim's Kinesis All Life Stages Dry Dog Food from to conduct a 30-day food challenge and provide an honest review. We received no monetary compensation for this post, and all opinions shared above are our own.

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