Sunday, April 17, 2016

Dr. Tim's Kinesis Dog Food 30-Day Challenge, Day 16: Product Review

So far, Chewy is really enjoying his new Dr. Tim's food. The kibbles are a nice, small size: perfect for the dog that hoovers kibble without chewing all that much.

Chewy's morning routine used to be: go out for walkies, go home and run upstairs, solicit pettings from people still in bed, then lurk around at the top of the stairs waiting for breakfast to be served. Now, he skips the soliciting pettings part, because he is SO ready for breakfast! He runs to his bowl the moment he hears those first clickity-clacks of his kibbles hitting the stainless steel.

Dr. Tim's kibble time!

Om nom nom

After he's finished his kibbles, he picks up some water with his tongue and then washes out the empty food bowl. It must be super yummy if he wants to get every bit of flavor!

It was Chewy's birthday yesterday and I used some kibble to top off his frozen yogurt cake, and he ate all the kibbles before digging into the yogurt. Chewy is the type of dog that eats the best stuff first, so that says a lot for this kibble!

On Dr. Tim's Kinesis, Chewy's energy level has been good: playful but not crazy hyper, content to lounge around for a few hours at a time, yet with enough energy for hiking. His poops have been regular and firm, which is a necessity when you have to pick them all up! 

I think it is still too soon to tell if this food has had any effect on his skin/coat, weight and other health aspects, so those updates will have to wait for Day 30.

Disclaimer: We received a 44-lb bag of Dr. Tim's Kinesis All Life Stages Dry Dog Food from to conduct a 30-day food challenge and provide an honest review. We received no monetary compensation for this post, and all opinions shared above are our own.

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