Sunday, January 22, 2017

Stop Working and Play with Chewy?

When I am working at my computer, this is what Chewy is usually doing:

He has a bed right next to my desk, and there's typically a supply of chew things nearby to keep him occupied (when he's not napping).

But every few hours, he decides I need to get up and play with him. That's when he starts bringing all the toys!

Fancy a game of tug?
If I don't get out of my chair, he comes back a couple minutes later with something else.

Come chase me and elf!
One of his favorite games is keep-away. Once he's got my attention, he bolts away and expects to be chased. If I don't follow him, he'll be back again, probably with something else!

Would you like a squirrel?
 Sometimes he brings multiple options:

One for me, one for you? Just kidding, they're both for me!
And if he wasn't done playing yet when I went back to work, sometimes he ups his game:

TWO squeaky carrots is better than one!

He is definitely a great motivator to get off the computer from time to time to give my eyes a rest and get blood flowing through my legs. Another reason why dogs are good for your health!


  1. Haha - how can you resist? He's adorable!!

    Monty, Harlow, and Ramble

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