Wednesday, January 11, 2017

When the Weather Outside is Frightful...We Go Shopping!

Chewy LOVES to go on adventures. He is always up for any sort of outing, especially if it includes a ride in the car. If you start putting on jackets and grabbing car keys or purses, he will follow you to see if he gets to come along, or sit by his leash to see if you pick it up.

When Chewy gets loaded into the car, we usually take him to the park for some fresh air and exercise. Chewy is rather nonchalant about braving the elements, and might even enjoy playing in some puddles, mud, and snowbanks. However, high winds are definitely not his thing. If garbage cans, screen doors, and other objects start banging around outside, his first instinct is to run back home. When the weather is too frigid, too stormy, or even too hot, we go explore some of our favorite dog-friendly stores so that Chewy can get some exercise and mental stimulation.

Of course, there are the big pet store chains, where Chewy can sniff all the food and treats,
Mmm this smells yummy!
  test out dog beds and crates,
This is comfy and cozy...
and even try on clothes.
Perhaps we can find a bigger size?
Then there are the home improvement stores, which often have lots of dog-loving employees and customers to provide pettings, which Chewy always appreciates.
Pet me!
Our local garden centers are also dog-friendly, and Chewy enjoys sniffing all the plants they have to offer, as well as checking out the seasonal decor.
Snowmen! Are they food?
Then there are the home furnishings stores that stock goodies for dogs, too.

So many toys! How to choose?
Taking Chewy shopping at dog-friendly stores is a more fun way to spend a dreary day than hiding in the house and napping all day.

A note on Chewy in shopping carts: Some stores require that your dog be placed in a shopping cart for the safety of both dogs and people. It is an easy way to keep your dog from wandering and getting into mischief. In addition, it puts your dog at the perfect level for receiving pettings and greeting people! However, there are some safety concerns when putting your dog in a shopping cart, such as:

  • Make sure legs don't get caught on the edges when getting in and out
  • Keep the child seat from hitting your dog (I buckle the seat belt tightly around the child seat and cart handle to keep it upright)
  • Protect toes from getting hurt in the holes on the bottom of the cart (I use a foam bath mat for cushion and comfort, and it's the perfect size!)
  • Prevent your dog from jumping out on his/her own

While Chewy is a large dog, it is actually very easy to get him in a cart because he hops right in from our car. Getting him out takes a lot of bribery though, because he seems to always want more shopping!

Remember: Always check to be sure a store is dog-friendly before bringing your dog in.

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  1. I've never seen a big dog in a shopping cart before, but it makes perfect sense and you have the details of how to do it worked out very well!