Monday, March 3, 2014

Best Day Ever!

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I always imagine that everything makes Chewy think, "BEST DAY EVER!" For example:

Got a new toy! BEST DAY EVER!

Got another new toy! BEST DAY EVER!
Marked the park! BEST DAY EVER!

Ate fro-yo from my Kong! BEST DAY EVER!

Found a stick! BEST DAY EVER!

Rode the car! BEST DAY EVER!

Ran across the beach! BEST DAY EVER!

Ran across the snow! BEST DAY EVER!

Was presented with an entire chicken! BEST DAY EVER!

I think it's because he has no idea what's coming 90% of the time. Also, everything is exciting to a Chewy (except baths. And butt thermometers). But I guess if people got awesome surprises all the time, they would be pretty excited, too!


  1. Yep that's how dogs are, easy to please, cats, on the other paw, would say "that's all you got?" hehehe

  2. Such a fun post! When I read it, I thought I was having my BEST DAY EVER!

  3. This is how I try to view life. Chewy is on to something!

  4. TOO FUNNY. I always imagine Jedi the same way too. Belly rubs, car rides, (nearly) empty peanut butter jars = BDE (Best Day Ever). And that is one of the many reasons I love him so much.