Monday, March 24, 2014

Chewy Meets Chewy

I took Chewy to our neighborhood dog park today, but it was empty when we arrived. I tried to get him to chase me, but after a minute of that he just sniffed around for pee and then stood by the gate. [As I was typing this, Chewy sounded his intruder alert. I ran over to check and saw nothing. Maybe he saw a cat?]

Somedoggy peed here...

Some other doggy peed here...

I am done. Can we go?

Since Chewy was bored, I decided we could go explore the nature trail that runs alongside the dog run. I believe the trail makes a loop, but once we hit a road, it was not clear which way we were supposed to go. So, I led Chewy back towards the dog run in the hope that other dogs had arrived. As we got closer to the fence, Chewy just knew that something exciting was over there. As I opened the first gate to the dog run, I heard someone say "Chewy, come here!" IT WAS ANOTHER CHEWY IN THE DOG RUN!

Chewy and Chewy got along pretty well. They chased each other and boxed with their paws. My Chewy proved to be really good at ducking from punches. The other Chewy got pawed once or twice. Communication was a little bit confusing for them, as they would both come if someone called their name. I hope the other Chewy didn't think I was yelling at him when I scolded my Chewy! Unfortunately, I didn't get any good pictures of them playing together, but this is what the other Chewy looked like:

Hey Chewy, wutcha sniffing?

Then, a truck came to drop off some tree trunks behind the dog run. There's a big stack of logs back there that I assume is used to make the mulch. My Chewy was like, "AAAAAAAHHHH GET ME OUTTA HERE!" He tried to jump the picket fence, but he's not a good jumper. (He can't even get into the back of our SUV without a boost or a really good running start.)

Must keep eyes on the big rolly beast!

He looked very uneasy, so we left to go home. He probably would have gone full speed all the way to the car if I wasn't weighing him down at the other end of the leash.

Chewy has met another Chewy before, too. There must be a lot of Chewys out there!


  1. I did not realize that Chewy was such a popular name!

  2. We have a blog that we read called "Sara's Blog" and she has two Shelties and one of them is named Chewy!

  3. Oh fun! Our Sam was embarrassed to be at the dog park - we had to take him home. He just never really thought he was a dog!

    Monty and Harlow