Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Chewy's Hotel Stay

I took Chewy to Boston over the weekend to visit our big sister. It was a 4 1/2 hour car ride.

Are we there yet?

We stayed at the Hotel Marlowe, a Kimpton hotel. Kimpton hotels are super pet friendly, with no pet fee and no restrictions. I did have to sign a form saying I would cover any damages. It was written from a dog's perspective, and there was even a paw print in the signature area.

Chewy kept checking himself out in the elevator mirror. He probably thought a dog was stuck in there.


There was an entire floor of pet-friendly rooms, so sometimes we would trigger a lot of barking when walking through the hallways. We got a room with 2 double beds for the whole family, and Chewy fit perfectly in the middle.

He checked under the furniture for monsters. Or treasure.

And he enjoyed looking out the floor-to-ceiling windows.

They had fruit-infused water in the lounge area, which Chewy loved. I tried to administer a taste test and see which flavor he liked better, but he went for them equally.

Mmmm strawberry water!

Chewy had no interest in the loaner bed the hotel provided. He probably smelled all the other doggies that used it and reasoned that it wasn't his. But he DID enjoy the big jar of cookies in the lobby. There was also a bowl of cookies outside the entrance, and he was very disappointed each time I pulled him away. He would have cleaned out the entire bowl if left to his own devices!

When we were checking out, there was a dog being babysat behind the counter, and they both jumped up and furiously wagged their tails, trying to touch noses across the counter. Too bad they couldn't just romp around the lobby!


  1. Read PAwsome reviews of Kimpton hotel. They should have wash the bed. On Westin hotels they do that o avoid the smell other dogs. How FUN! I hope the cookies were healthy and tasty. Golden Woofs

  2. What fun! Loved how Chewy was looking at himself in the mirror...........love that the dog policy is written in the dog's words, too cute!