Monday, October 13, 2014

Monday Mischief: Chewy vs. Lawnmover

The lawnmower was out to [attempt to] tidy up our lawn, and Chewy thought it might make for a great playdate. He kept trying to initiate a game of chase. He even pulled out all the moves, including barking, lunging, pouncing, and luring.*

Hi! I'm Chewy! Let's play!


- Time-out chew break -

I've got you cornered now!

Sometimes he would calm down and just walk along behind it.

♪ We're following the leader... ♫

Then, it was back to playtime.

Come and get me!


When all the mowing was done, Chewy decided the grass clippings would be fun to play with, too. 

Mmm...grass clippings

He dug around in the pile, and picked up the big clumps to shake out all over the place. So much for tidying up the yard...

*No Chewys or lawnmowers were hurt in the process.


  1. Chewy, it looks like you had a lot of fun playing with the lawn mower and even got into a bit of mischief with the grass clippings. Hopefully your paws didn't get too grass-stained after all your fun.

  2. Bwwwah!! Looks like the lawnmower is the "outdoor vacuum" BOL!

  3. Silly Chewy! You were having a great time!

  4. BOL - I'm not sure I'd trust our pups around the lawn mower. Sometimes they don't have a lick of sense between the two of them!

    Monty and Harlow