Monday, October 6, 2014

Monday Mischief: Garden Mayhem

We added a few raised beds to our yard for planting veggies this spring. One of them is only 8" tall, and we use it primarily for planting carrots and radishes. Radishes are ready much sooner than carrots, so for most of the summer it was all carrots. Chewy of course caught on that there was food he liked in there, and it being a very convenient height, routinely hopped in to pick his own carrots. I planted them for him to eat anyway, so I let him feast to his liking.

When I planted my fall crop of carrots and radishes, I made a makeshift "fence" out of bamboo and string to keep my seedlings safe from the Chewy monster. Now that the plants are growing nice big leaves, Chewy's interest in the raised bed has been renewed, and my strings are no match for his love of carrots. He just crawls right under, or in some cases runs right through it.

Making his pick

The thing is, the big leaves all belong to radishes...

*rip tear shred*

And Chewy does not like radishes. They are a little bitter.


He does like to play with the leaves, though.

I'm innocent! ... Ignore the evidence!

Most of the carrots are still minuscule, but there are a couple nice ones hidden in there. Chewy just hasn't been able to find them yet.


The funny thing is, when our strawberries were growing, Chewy would sniff up and down the rows to find a nice red one to eat. With the carrots, he would pick haphazardly, often pulling up a spindly little one. Now with radishes in the mix, he just pulls out anything!


  1. BOL! Sounds like our Bruin. Loves chewing up the squash leaves and spits them out all over the lawn!

  2. Oh my gosh, these pictures of Chewy are so cute! Especially the 'I'm innocent! ... Ignore the evidence!' one :)

  3. I bet Bugs Bunny would LOVE that carrot!

  4. The photo with the leaf made me spit out my coffee! Love it!

    Monty and Harlow