Monday, June 6, 2016

A Garden Update

It's feeling like summer already! And that means our garden is starting to thrive now, too! 

Almost two months ago, our carrots looked like this:

Carrot seedlings (and radish to the right)

Chewy was so excited about the new growth, he jumped in the raised bed and left a bunch of mischievous Chewy footprints in my nice, loose soil:

Why can't I eat them yet?
Now, the carrot bed is all full of carrot foliage, and Chewy took it upon himself to help thin them out. Thinning out the carrots gives the remaining ones more space to grow larger, and Chewy can enjoy munching on the baby carrots.

You're welcome!

This year we planted a rainbow carrot mix, so we'll have carrots in lots of colors. Chewy thinks they're all equally delicious, of course.

Our cucumbers are starting to grow, too. Here are two baby ones that are just starting out:

The kale is coming in nicely, too. Chewy likes to crunch-a-munch on the stalks, shred the leaves, and then clean up his mess (for the most part).

Kale for me!

Our strawberry patch has also kicked production up a notch. I put bird netting over it to keep the neighborhood birds from biting into all of them, but a determined Chewy cannot be stopped by bird netting. He ripped right through it trying to pull out a nice, big, ripe one!

Want strawberry!
It can be pretty funny watching Chewy pick strawberries, as he sniffs around to only get the ripe ones!

Walking right on the acquired!

People aren't the only ones that can enjoy a farm-to-table lifestyle. Chewy loves having access to a feast right outside our house! If he had his way, he'd get to eat it all!!

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  1. Oh I LOVE how he is enjoying everything! You are blessed to have the space to do that! DakotasDen