Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Indoor Activities: Blueberry Chase

When it's hot outside, Chewy becomes a lazier dog. After a few rounds of fetch, or even zero rounds, he will go find a shady spot to lie down.

Too hot for Chewy!
In order to get his exercise in, we have to play more indoors with the a/c on. Chewy is not really a fan of playing fetch in the house, but if it is food that needs fetching, you can be sure that he's interested!

I like tossing blueberries for Chewy because they're a healthy superfood with lots of antioxidants, they can roll very far and bounce off obstacles, and they don't leave a mess (unless Chewy squashes one).

Ready to pounce!

We have an open floor plan on one side of our house, so there's a nice straightaway for Chewy to run back and forth chasing the blueberries.

Running left

Running right

Chewy is quite food motivated, so he will sometimes run pretty fast after the blueberries. Sometimes he gets confused when a blueberry rolls between his legs, and then he backs up slowly to see if he can locate it. It's quite amusing to watch! One time, he accidentally stepped on one and it got stuck between his paw pads, and he searched frantically for it around his foot but just couldn't find it! I helped pick it out of his foot, and it was remarkably unscathed! He promptly ate it, of course.

It is best to play in a freshly vacuumed area, or else the blueberries pick up lots of dog hair/people hair/dust if they are a little damp from condensation or from being freshly washed.

Blueberry chase is one of our favorite indoor games because a) Chewy likes food, and b) I can stay in one spot while still getting him to burn off some energy!


  1. Haha - Harlow would be horrified! ...but it sounds like a fun game. We'll have to see if one of the boys would like to play it.

    Monty, Harlow and Ramble

  2. What a great idea! Luke would have fun with this, but the girls don't really like blueberries that much, unless I sneak them inside something else. :)