Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Chewy Home Protection System

Our house is protected by Chewy Home Security Services. Our subscription includes the following premium features:

1. Perimeter surveillance- Chewy is vigilant about keeping watch over our property. His eyes, ears and nose are all on alert for the slightest hint of trouble.

2. Intruder alert- Once the Chewy Home Protection System has detected an intruder, a loud, manly woof warning is issued. Chewy will proceed to stalk any intruders until the threat has been thoroughly assessed.

I heard something.

Known issue: strong winds may trigger false alarms.

3. Visitor sniff-over/greeting- Chewy gives all visitors a good sniff-over. Once they are cleared for entry, Chewy gives them a warm greeting and proceeds to welcome them to the house. He does his best to keep guests entertained and comfortable by doing tricks and bringing toys.

Wanna play?

High 10!

Why yes, you may wipe your hands on my fur.

Known issue: all delivery personnel automatically pass Chewy inspection.

4. Portable system- The Chewy Home Protection System is completely portable, so you can take it with you wherever you go. All you need are some treats, toys and water to ensure continuous operation.

     A. Car security- An anti-theft system can be activated to protect your belongings.

Guarding groceries

No one will dare to steal your car

     B. Hotel room security- Chewy will make sure your hotel room is safe for your overnight stay. An alert
             will be issued when strangers pass by the door.

Cost: 300 bellyrubs/month
A small fee for superior home protection!


  1. Hello Chewy! My momma has soemthing similar - The Wesley Warning system! There are a few differences, though. Mainly that this warning system doesn't deactivate, even once a trespasser has been cleared!

    It's something momma has been working on fixing, BOL

  2. Wow Chewy…you are one smart dog! We aren't that good at protecting our human's home cause we are too busy eating and sleeping! After mom read about you, she has decided that we need to be better watch dogs!