Saturday, January 25, 2014

Destructopup Case Files, Victim #1: Froggy

Chewy got a Kong Tugger Knots Frog Tug Toy for Christmas. It has a long, furry body, a frog face with minimal stuffing, a squeaker in the butt, and rope running through the body with knots in the center and loops at either end- the perfect combination of toy parts. It was the first present Chewy unwrapped (with assistance), and he immediately started chewing on it. In Chewy code, that means he likes it.

What's this? ... Can I eat it?

It started off with a semi-cute, doofy frog face:

Within a few days, he discovered that he could rip off fur bits from its body to reveal the woven part holding the fabric together. Then, he realized he could rip apart the woven part and get to the stuffing in the frog head. That's when we decided to doctor the frog by removing all the stuffing and sewing the holes shut. After repeated rounds of sewing and playing, the back of the frog's head was gone and a third of the originally concealed rope was now exposed. Even so, it was good for playing tug,

carrying around, 

and lounging.

Froggy's time in Chewy's arsenal of toys is now near its end. Its face is weirdly disfigured and its knotty guts are all hanging out. 

Chewy is an expert at unraveling knotted ropes, so Froggy is going into the cabinet of destroyed toys for now.

Toy Lifespan: 1 month

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