Friday, January 24, 2014

Chewy's Nemesis: The Vacuum

Having a golden retriever in the house means lots of dog hair everywhere: on the floor, on the furniture, on our clothes, and sometimes even in our food. Luckily, we have a powerful vacuum to pick up all that fluff. Chewy has no worries when it is off and sitting in the corner. He can sleep right next to it.

However, once we take it out and turn it on, the vacuum becomes his NEMESIS. Every now and then he dares to run really fast past it, but usually he scurries off to another room or watches it from a safe distance.

We tried using the Roomba in Chewy's domain once. Chewy finds all forms of vacuum evil, but I think at one point he tried to play with the Roomba.

What is this beast?

Best to hide.

The Roomba can't match the Dyson's level of hair collection, so we are sticking to vacuuming by hand, not robot. Sorry, Chewy.


  1. In my experience, Neato is much better than a Roomba. I've used both (granted neither of them were the pet specific version) and the Neato was far superior in both cleanliness and execution.

  2. Interesting! Will keep that in mind next time we are looking to purchase a vacuum. The color scheme reminds me of buzz lightyear.

  3. Chewy is so cute! And the blog itself is very well done. Good work!

    Uncle Gordon