Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Tail-wagging Tuesday- by Chewy: Guide to Walkies in the Snow

Herro! Chewy here. Welcome to my new feature: Tail-wagging Tuesday- by me, Chewy. Yay! First off, let me personally thank you for visiting our blog. Kisses?

I now present my guide for walkies in the snow.

Tip #1: Do not walk on shoveled paths. You and your human will have SO MUCH MORE fun treading through snow. Walk through/hop over it, eat it, and make snow angels. You have to leave the sidewalk to pee on trees, anyway.

Tip #2: Climb EVERY snow mountain. People only shovel their driveways to make snow mountains for us doggies to play in, right? Make them feel appreciated.

Tip #3: Every few feet, dive into the snow head first and just lay there. It hugs your belly! Don't worry, your human will gladly wait for you.

Tip #4: Walk on everyone's untouched lawns and leave your cute doggie tracks all over them. Your neighbors will love your artistic touches.

Tip #5: Run away from salt trucks and snow plows. They will eat you. Take your human home IMMEDIATELY upon sight to avoid danger.

Tip #6: Don't forget to sniff for treasure. There might be a giant stick hiding under all that snow!

I hope my guide helps you next time it snows. You'll have the best day ever!

Now, off to find a good nap spot. Bye!

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