Friday, February 7, 2014

Chewy's Toy Box: West Paw Design Būmi

Chewy's newest toy is the West Paw Būmi. You're supposed to get new clothes for Chinese New Year, but since Chewy doesn't wear clothes, he got a toy instead.

What is this?

It is advertised as a fetch and tug toy, not a chew toy. It is made of West Paw Design's "Zogoflex" material, which is durable and non-toxic. The company offers a one-time replacement or refund if their toys are damaged, which is nice. We have a couple of other Zogoflex toys and Chewy has not destroyed any of them yet.

Tug is Chewy's favorite game ever, and he has a couple of go-to techniques. He leans back with all of his weight, at which point I can just drag him around because he has no grip on the tile floor. He shakes the toy like he is killing prey, which, depending on the toy, will either jerk my arm around or hit me in the legs really hard. Other times I just run around with Chewy attached to the toy, as if we were using a leash. When he gets tired, he takes a break- he stands there with the toy still in his mouth, while I carry all the weight.

The Būmi is indeed a great toy for playing tug. I win a lot more often with it because Chewy can't get a really good grip on the curvy parts. It stretches out so my hand isn't dangerously close to those chompers, and it absorbs some of the force from Chewy's vigorous shaking.

This is mine!

The Būmi is also good for Chewy to entertain himself. He played with it for hours when I first gave it to him, bringing it around the house to all his favorite chewing spots. Even though the label says specifically that it is not for chewing, he has yet to make a dent in it.

He prances around the house happily with his new toy, and will fetch it and bring it back expecting a game of tug.

Chewy loves his Būmi!

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