Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Tail-wagging Tuesday- by Chewy: Guide to Being an Office Dog

Being an office dog is hard work. I have so many responsibilities! I warm people's feet, greet clients, announce breaktimes, distribute toys... the list goes on! With my help, you, too, can be a grrreat office dog! 

Tip #1: If someone is talking on the phone, wait until they hang up to jump on them. It's good manners. And that way they can pet you with both hands!

Tip #2: Bring an assortment of toys to leave around each person's chair. That way, when they are ready for a break, they will conveniently have lots to choose from. 

Tip #3: When someone has been working at the computer for too long, insist that it is time for walkies. Jump on them if they don't pay attention to you. Fresh air and exercise will boost productivity!

Tip #4: Be on the lookout for the UPS truck. And the FedEx truck. And the mailman. They bring office supplies, important documents, and most importantly, treats!

Tip #5: People feet are good pillows. Sleep on them.

Tip #6: Do not interfere with cleaning. Run away from the vacuum. It will eat you!

Tip #7: Rotate which desk you sleep under. The entire office is your kingdom.

Tip #8: Say hi to everyone that stops by the office. They'll be sure to come again just to see you.

Tip #9: Guard the printer. Only accept bellyrubs as payment for access to the printer.

Tip #10: Don't try to type. Your paws are not made for such things.

Now, excuse me while I go petition for walkies.

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