Friday, February 28, 2014

Sampling The Honest Kitchen

I finally gave Chewy the sample of The Honest Kitchen's Force dehydrated food that he got in his BarkBox awhile back. Force is gluten-free and is made with free-range chicken and various fruits and vegetables. The Honest Kitchen uses human-grade ingredients, and they even have humans taste-test, too.

I followed the instructions and rehydrated the packet contents with warm water. It looked like sludge, but it smelled like a nice herb blend, albeit a very strong one.

Chewy's nose was on alert, of course. He thought it smelled quite delectable, and waited patiently for his food to be ready.

Can I eat it yet?

Chewy devoured the sample. He circled around his bowl to make sure he cleaned up in all directions, and licked his chops to get every bit of taste left in/around his mouth. Tell-tale signs of Chewy approval.

Is there more?

Since he liked it so much, I looked to see if we could try some more, and we/you can! They offer 2 different sample bundles for dogs, and one for cats. You can only order one of each bundle, so I got one "Adult" and one "Puppy." You can also request their product literature for free.
Get the bundles for free (but plus $2.50 shipping) with promo code: THKVIDEO

The 1 oz. mini samples for 4 flavors (Embark, Force, Keen and Love) are listed at $0 on the individual product pages, and the other 4 flavors (Preference, Thrive, Verve and Zeal) are listed at $1. No idea how many individual samples you can order, but I just stuck with the bundles.

When you sign up to checkout, they give you 50 free rewards points that you can redeem for products. There are 4 oz. trial sizes for 40 pts if you want to add those BEFORE completing checkout. I didn't bother to look up the point system until after checking out. Whoops.

Their large packages of dehydrated dog food get to be quite expensive, so I will see how Chewy likes the other samples before deciding whether to purchase more. According to their chart, a 10-lb. box would only last about 2 1/2 weeks for Chewy, and they are listed at $60-$100! Perhaps he can get it as a side dish.

Have you tried The Honest Kitchen's dehydrated dog food? We would love to hear your thoughts.

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