Thursday, February 20, 2014

Destructopup Case Files, Victim #2: Duckie

Chewy got an Aussie Naturals Duck in one of his PetBoxes last year, and he immediately loved it. Usually, he waits for me to unpack his goodies, but this time he grabbed it out of the box himself. It had lots of different textures and smells: a leather head, felt wings, rope neck & legs, and coconut fiber filling. For a dog who loves to chew and play tug, this was like winning the lottery.

Duckie was good for chewing,



and fetching (although he usually kept it for himself instead of bringing it back).

We also played tug with it often, but it's head came apart once, and it was quite difficult to shove back on. He also liked to run around with it in his mouth during zoomies.

The legs were the first to go, since Chewy is a pro at unraveling rope. When he started pulling strings out of the legs, it was time to cut them all off.

Next, he bit off a wing.

Eventually, he chewed the butt open, exposing the coconut fibers inside.

It would be difficult to sew its butt back together since the fabric is unraveling, so I have given up on duckie.

Toy Lifespan: 4 months

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