Thursday, February 6, 2014

Dog-walking Ouchies

Chewy saw a nice stick in the snow the other day while we were out on walkies and he ran really fast towards it, yanking my finger in the process. I had him on his long leash so he could play in the snow without me having to trudge through it alongside him, and it must have wrapped around my finger without me noticing. My thick gloves are a bit limiting sensation-wise. I heard a loud pop and my finger was quite uncomfortable, so I ran back home with Chewy (and stick) in tow.

It started swelling and got super painful, and I was CONVINCED that I had broken my finger. My dad thought it looked fine, but I was in hysterics at that point so my parents had to take me to get it checked out. They took me to their Chinese medicine-y qi gong lady because they figured I would have to wait forever if we went to the emergency room. My dad says she specialized in sports medicine back in China. She examined my finger and concluded that I had dislocated the middle joint and injured some tissue. She popped it back in before saying what happened- a super painful surprise! I went home with an ouchie, bruised, re-aligned finger.

I still felt like my finger was twisted today, so I had my dad take me to an urgent care clinic for an x-ray.


The doctor said the spiral-y fractures were probably caused by the leash twisting my finger, and it should heal in about 6 weeks. For now, I have a splint on. Surprisingly, Chewy has not tried to eat it. Then again, I've only had it for a few hours. He might be saving his attempt for later.

I sorry?

Moral: Stick to the short leash. Also, teach Chewy impulse control, if possible.

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  1. Oh no! Sorry to hear about the finger ouchies, it looks like it hurt....lots! I hope Chewy gives you plenty of snuggles to help you heal quick!