Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Tail-wagging Tuesday- by Chewy: Guide to Baking Supervision

Herro! Chewy here, with more helpful tips for all you doggies out there. This week, I present my guide to baking supervision.

Tip #1: When your humans start making doggie treats, be on standby. Make routine sniff checks so only things you like go into the batter/dough.

Tip #2: Look cute and excited to increase your chances of getting samples. This is purely for quality control purposes, only.

I know something yummy is happening!

Mmm...fresh peanut butter. Approved!

Tip #3: Be patient. You will be rewarded for your perseverance soon.

Tip #4: Guard the oven from treat thieves. There might be some squirrels planning a heist. You never know.

Tip #5: Keep a close watch so your humans don't "accidentally" burn your treats.

Tip #6: Taste test every batch.

Supervising is hard work. But with these tips, you, too, can be an excellent baking supervisor!

Now, off to enjoy the fruits of my labor. Bye!